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Note for Professor Steve Crow

(knock, knock, knock...)Open Up!
I was searching...You had my key
But would not turn the lock.

You backtracking, run away.
Stand, practice what you preach
Or your words signify nothing.

Don't hide behind this wooden door,
Mantle of professionalism!

Spouting sensitivity, opened minds to other possibilities.
Left us floundering
Swamped in a backlash of ideas gone haywire,
Mired in old beliefs.
Picking up bits and pieces,
Examining them in changing lights.
O! Treacherous methodology,
Counting on Time to help sort things out;
Counting on our stubborn refusal to remain in flux.
Precarious, but effective none the less.
I am still searching,
no longer for you,
nor the key I thought you held.

Balancing Act

I think you frighten me
not so much you, as your ideas.
They are changing my whole perspective.
For the better, yes.
Change can be exhilarating, real,
and personal,
and frightening.
Empowering women
will achieve Balance and Harmony -
an incredible ideology
growing in a world less and less stable.
Believe in it? You ask me to do so, but
I am afraid
I may be found lacking
but are these my own fears of myself
or my fears of the culture I grew up in?
This question is my hinge,
my ledge,
my brink.


I had never thought of Womyn as being Powerful - except those
aberrations from the Norm
and then I always thought of Them
as those who gave in and internalized male-domination;
and thus were no different from Men.
We have been trained
to think that way.

Waking From Reverie

Fragile person behind stone wall
about to slip into waters below.
He raised his hand, touched her cheek
wiping silent tears.
She tried to smile
and walk away
but he followed along the highway bridge.
He whispered through the frigid air
"just listen to the river"
his voice carrying her far
inside herself.
The waters gurgled below her feet
childish simplicity
seeking to fill some deep emptiness
washing through her
and continuing downstream.
Waking from her reverie
a deep sigh from her escapes
faceless voice and whispering river
remain inside.

just another commute (9/04)

rush hour traffic crawling along
crossing the bridge takes forever friday night
a brief glance to my right
to the water below
brain slowly translating
a lifeless body floating out to sea
spread eagle
bobbing in the current
soul bleeding into the sunset and the stream of tailights
shouldn't someone call that in?

Your Eyes Accuse Me! (4/22/04)

My forehead lay in my upturned hand
elbow pressing into my knee
leaving a redmark there
when I stand to leave you

(your eyes accuse me!)

Sitting up in the hospital bed
shaking your head slowly
side to side
traces of "No!" linger on your whitened lips
refusing again to believe what I say

(your eyes accuse me...)

Tears of grief upon my face
tears of shame fall from yours
alcohol still on your breath
knowing the truth I can not comfort you
I slip defeated from the room

Your eyes accuse me

Evening Tears (8/19/08)

The sun goes down
darkness settles
Wander the same paths
rain dripping evening tears
misty memories rolling through
crying in my sleep again

A Lullabye for Michael(8/19/08)

Though the road is long,
Momma's comin' home.
Thinkin' of nothin' but you,
My little one, my little giggle.
I may be tired when I get home
But we'll have time for one more story,
One last little tickle,
And a kiss goodnight.
Goodnight, Michael, goodnight.

Lonely Road (8/19/08)

As Time goes by
Life keeps me rolling
Down this lonely road.
Wheels turning,
Sometimes spinning
I get lost but I don't
Want to turn back.
Leave me alone
Leave me be
Maybe you don't believe me,
My love for you is gone,
So gone
Gone away down
This lonely road.
Another day goes by, by, by.
I don't look back.
Turn my face to the wind.
I'm gonna be just fine
Down this lonely road.
Just another day.
Just another night.
Just rolling on away
Down this lonely road.
Fireflies dancing in the dark.
A summer breeze.
Just let me be.
Just let me be.
Let me be.

Burning Bridges (8/19/08)

The road through life
might be a little easier
if you'd stop burning
the bridges as you cross them.

Your path is not a straight one.
It twists, turns, and doubles back
to where you once belonged.
Some part of your past
will meet you again
some day down the road

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around and go
pick up the pieces.

Give a wave to the child
of your yesterday;
Chase a few butterflies;
Spin like a top in the summer sun.
Cast away the shadows.
Dance all night long
Down the winding road
you are walking on.

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around and go
back where you belong
where you belong